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How To Fix Overheating Issues on Any Android Device

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Almost 80% of smartphone users worldwide use Android devices, they are compact, sleek and easy to use but due to multi-tasking, sometimes Android devices get overheated which can even damage your processor. If you are one of such people with these overheating issue, then you are at the right place, as I will be taking you through causes of overheating on Android devices and what can be done to prevent it.

How To Fix Overheating Issues on Any Android Device

Charging Phone Properly

Charge your phone to 70 or 80% during the day and full charge the device at night. Never allow your phone battery drop beyond 40% before charging. Always remember to charge your phone with the original charger it comes with. Make sure not to charge your device for too long in the daytime heat.

Turn Off The Bluetooth, GPS, and Wifi

Bluetooth, GPS, and Wifi continuously scan for available networks in the background. Running Android games or power-hungry apps whiles your Bluetooth, GPS or Wifi feature of your smartphone is enabled, can cause your phone to overheat. Therefore, make sure you turn off the Bluetooth, GPS, and Wifi if you are not using them.

Damaged Battery

Once your phone is getting hot abnormally, then it is possible that your battery is old or separating. Changing the battery as earlier as possible will go along way in helping your device.  Take out the battery from your phone to check whether it’s expanded or swollen. In case it is expanded or swollen, then the battery is damaged and needs replacement.

Use Original Charger

If you’ve ever read the manual that comes with your phone you will realise that phone manufacturing companies always mentioned not to use duplicate chargers because it may damage your phone’s battery. The battery is the main reason why our phone overheats. Therefore make sure to use the original charger that comes with your phone.


If your Android device is getting hot regularly then there are high chances your phone have an app that it can’t handle.  Nowadays, Android phones are the best, no doubt. It provides you the abundance of features as you can play games, watch videos and movies, Listening music, click the pictures, searching the web, gain knowledge through search engines. However, you need to look for the apps that might be running in the background without your wish. So, better is to look for the tasks running in the background and close all the unnecessary apps.

Give Your Android A Break

Consider the instance of a human body, our body needs rest after heaps of work completed in a day. Same account for your phone. Does your phone stay on constantly whiles plugging in your charger throughout the night? The phone too needs a brief period to rest. In this manner, restarting the gadget not just makes your Android gadget to work more proficient. It will likewise broaden your battery life.

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Do Not Cover Your Android Phone with phone case

Stop using covers with your smartphone’s especially in the hot sun because it can be a reason why your phone is overheating

Clean Junk files 

Cleaning all the junk files, cookies and caches, these junk files may harm your CPU and Ram which leads to overheating. Cleaning them will make your phone run faster and make your phone run cooler. Download these apps from the android play store to clean your junk, cookies and cache files
Clean master
ES File Explorer
SD Maid

Heavy streaming

Streaming videos and movies from youtube, facebook, and other media sites might be causing your phone to overheat. We usually, spend our time watching movies on our Android device while traveling. This requires more work from your phone processor which consumes not only the power but also overheats too. Especially in the case when we want a clearer picture like a High definition, we combine the load of playing video with the load of data connection over a long period of time that causes our smartphones to overheat.

These are the possible remedy to over-heating issues on your Android device. Let’s know what you think under the comment box below.


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